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GetBeauty is an online platform that provides a pre-consultation marketplace for cosmetic doctors and patients. Please be aware that this online consultation does not replace an in-person pre-operative appointment, which is required prior to scheduling surgery. The online consultation, which includes a review of patient photographs, provides an accurate determination of whether or not the individual will benefit from plastic surgery. The pre-operative visit may result in a change in final recommendations and cost estimates. Our online consultation is a convenient way to determine your candidacy and get a better sense of your treatment options.



Starting your cosmetic consultation is easy. Once you've downloaded the app, all you have to do is simply select the body areas you'd like to improve, upload photos of each area you select, and enter your budget and timeframe with concerns you may have.


Where is getbeauty available?

GetBeauty is available everywhere. However, we currently have doctors only in Southern California. If you’re located somewhere else, don’t worry — we’ll be there soon.



We are currently charging $29 per consultation from a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Are smartphone photos good enough for diagnosis?

The quality of cameras in phones has greatly improved over the past few years. Research shows that your doctors can use photos to diagnose you with a degree of accuracy that’s comparable to going to the office in person.


How will you keep the things I share private?

GetBeauty is a HIPAA-compliant service, and all personal and medical information is protected according to the highest industry standards. All the information between you and each doctor is strictly confidential and secure. 


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